Last Night’s Buzz is Creeping Up at the Paramount Room

I should start this post with a touch of background, I am a recent transplant from San Francisco.  I moved here to get back to my mid-west roots after years on the west coast.  That being said, I find one of the most important aspects of a big move is finding your local watering hole.  Not just any bar, but one which speaks to you and your nature as a person.  Everyone is different, some people prefer the sport’s bars with huge big screens and tons of square footage, others prefer their local pub.  After moving into our new apartment Paramount Room became our new spot pretty quickly.  It is just one of those spots where the service is casual, and super friendly, the music is just right and the drinks are ever evolving.  The beers on tap are always rotating and never disappoint. (Plus $3 shots of tequila?  yes, please!)

I was pretty sure that I would use Paramount Room’s brunch as my first review from the get go.  Not only is it a stone’s throw from where I live, but I simply love it.  I had never had their brunch, so it was a perfect choice.

The Breakdown:

Drink: My brunch companion (the hubs) had a Bloody Mary. I had a mimosa (you know, to support the “bubbly” aspect of my concept) and a Paloma.

Food: We split the Brunch BLT and Pulled Pork Hash

Conversation: Overpopulation (oh yeah, we went there) and drama between a couple that is not us, (it’s always nice to compare, it’s like watching Intervention and being able to say “at least I’m not that guy”)

The Low Down:

As far as drinks go I was super pleased.  Two of my favorite drink ingredients are tequila and grapefruit juice, thus Paloma is one of my favorite cocktails.  It’s basically tequila, soda and fresh grapefruit with a salted rim.  Think a not-too-sweet Margarita.  Whenever I see it on a drink menu I know I’m in a top-notch spot.  The hubs had a bloody Mary which came with a skewer fit for a king.  This thing had huge hunks of cheese, two types of meat, olives and a pickle.  A meal in itself (which I’m sure they hear all the time!)  My second drink was a simple mimosa, not to be too cliché.

The brunch BLT was outstanding.  It was so big we could have just ordered that and still left full.  It came on an extra long french bread, and consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, lettuce and (you guessed it) tomato.  Served on the side were two perfect pieces of love – Cheddar Potato Cakes.  The Pulled Pork Hash seemed too much like a pile of meat too me.  I like a hash with an even distribution of potato and meat, but this one seemed like 90% meat.  Of the two I would highly recommend the BLT.  If you are a big meat lover the hash may be your thing, but I needed to order a side of fries to make up for the lack of potatoes.  I will say that the eggs on top of the hash were perfectly poached.

Overall I loved the atmosphere: people were sitting at the bar shooting the shit, it wasn’t overcrowded, and Johnny Cash was playing overhead, always a nice touch.

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